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Daily Deviations

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Fairy Dragon by PeL07
Fairy Dragon by PeL07 has a stunning use of pastel colours and an interesting concept.

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by Lyricanna
Untitled by bronart
Bronwyn Hill's skills are simply exquisite, and they way the artist catches light and colours in her paintings is truly captivating. 

Untitled by bronart

Suggested by iingo Featured by STelari
Pixel Icon Tutorial by Xipeu
[Stock & Resources] Pixel Icon Tutorial by Xipeu uses a mix of Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6 to create a wonderful animated icon through a series of well explained steps. 

Suggested by dathie Featured by Elandria
Untitled by Dressed-In-White
Challenging our perceptions, Untitled by Dressed-In-White is an unforgettable surrealist expression.

Featured by justanothersomeone
Howls Moving Castle at Staubbach Falls Switzerland by fantasio
"Excellent fan wallpaper art of Howl's Moving Castle! The colors are absolutely beautiful, and the artist's attention to details is truly commendable. The overall atmosphere of the piece is just as wonderful. Well done!"

Howls Moving Castle at Staubbach Falls Switzerland by fantasio

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by TehAngelsCry
Behind shadows by Nocturny
Behind shadows by Nocturny is a bold capture with great movement caught within the red smoke and mysterious expression illustrated with the model.

Suggested by TimeDevoursALL Featured by Kaz-D
BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE 38 by corvus-crux
BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE 38 by corvus-crux
An eerie and awe inspiring piece! corvus-crux is an outstanding fashion photographer whose gallery is filled with beautiful captures like this.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
TheWorldUnseen by GregSkrtic
The Shadow by VMPSelene
It's incredible that such a dark image could evoke such warmth. Delicious hues and depth of colour. 
The Shadow Line by VMPSelene

Featured by DistortedSmile
Zombie 3 by Estelle-Photographie
Zombies are always chilling, but in motion they are even more so; with such exaggerated movements it's hard not to be a little scared.
Zombie 3 by Estelle-Photographie

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by pullingcandy
Memorieal Artbook by naoyatoudo
The suggester wrote: "I love how the image portrays elements of an artist's mind and the inspiration process."

Memorieal Artbook by naoyatoudo Also suggested by iingo

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by cinyu
Ramen! by Aoi-kajin
Aoi-kajin brilliantly takes a series of images from awesome viewpoints, capturing a light-heartedness that makes dinner seem like a very enjoyable activity in Ramen!

Featured by 3wyl
Fair Trade by JRCoffronIII
Fair Trade by JRCoffronIII is a fantastic concept with a stunning use of lighting, detailing, and composition. For more stunning works be sure to check out their entire gallery!

Suggested by Pheotive Featured by diphylla
The picture scroll of Mushishi by oro-p
The picture scroll of Mushishi by oro-p

The suggester says, "The art style is unique, and I like how the gold beautifully contrasts the blue colors. It's an amazing piece, and oro-p's gallery is worth checking out."

Suggested by pokemonaddict06 Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Riding Bareback by MorkelErasmus
Suggester said; "This photo is crazy! This is nature at its rawest. Fantastic clarity and overall nicely done!"

Riding Bareback by MorkelErasmus

Suggested by rainylake Featured by Anoya
Sunday, September 21, 2014