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Daily Deviations

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Tuesday by JimtheGent
Jane-2012..../// by Basile-Tirard
Basile-Tirard captures a striking, classic portrait that also encapsulates a lovely softness in Jane-2012....///. The square form brilliantly centres our attention on the main features, ensuring everything has its place in this piece.

Suggested by BokehLight Featured by 3wyl
Aedea by Bea-Gonzalez
Suggester said: This piece is beautifully done and the girl's mask is just breathtaking!

Aedea by Bea-Gonzalez

Suggested by iDJPanda Featured by diphylla
Fish Abstract by karincharlotte
Fish Abstract by karincharlotte. This gallery is full of cheery and vivacious paintings worth seeing.

Suggested by Sserenita Featured by jane-beata
stroke me by PixieCold
stroke me by PixieCold is an absolutely stunning macro capture with breath-taking colours and a daring set-up. There is seemingly no end to the limits of this unconventional artist as she exceeds expectations with her photographic and make-up talents.

Suggested by psoty Featured by Kaz-D
Jim's Itch by blue-horse-stock
[Stock & Resources] A ridiculously cute piece of stock just itching to be used in your next art piece! Jim's Itch by blue-horse-stock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
New IPHONE by aspire2draw
New IPHONE by aspire2draw Modern times...I really wonder what people will think and see watching this image in 20 years from now. Hilarious moment captured!

Featured by myraincheck
Masquerade Cake by Kabanero
ib by sloyuna
ib by sloyuna A fantastic ib fan art, just look at all the detailed characters! It is truly amazing what the artist has done. And also great use of colors making this artwork so beautiful to look at. Well done

Suggested by eindraa Featured by Ry-Spirit
Beauty and the beast by LASAHIDO
Beauty and the beast by LASAHIDO Amazing texture and lighting bring this magnificent creation to life.

Featured by etherealbeast
Keeper by Reinmar84
Keeper by Reinmar84

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by Thiefoworld
Long Island City by Jonathan-Flash
Suggester says; Complex and great shot made by night. It's really nice the way Jonathan managed to make a marvelous "capture into a capture": a general point of view which involves the bridge structure and the city behind the bridge, the civilization.
Long Island City by Jonathan-Flash

Suggested by Just-Black Featured by ScENeYmE
Enchanted Garden Egg by MandarinMoon
Enchanted Garden Egg by MandarinMoon I really love the all the textures and tiny details that make up this piece. The color palette ties it all together. I can spend minutes staring at it and all that is before you realize it's made on top of an actual egg shell!

Featured by Brookette
Plume - Feather by PumpkynModel
Gentle, intimate and romantic.
Plume - Feather by PumpkynModel

Featured by DistortedSmile
DON'T PANIC by MiroDesign
DON'T PANIC by MiroDesign "This is a wonderful hyper realistic piece of art. The artist did a great job in making this animal so funny with a great expression and thar fluffy / scruffy hair"

Suggested by Seb-Photos Featured by ArtByCher
fantasy by AnnaTyurina
Suggester said; "The lighting and the timing are so wonderful and of course the pose of the rat is brilliant!"

fantasy by AnnaTyurina

Suggested by corniger-aries Featured by Anoya
8.2 by Alex-Vas
Great blending, fantastic composition and a wonderful use of light and shadow bring all elements of this mixed media piece together harmoniously. 8.2 by Alex-Vas

Featured by Astralseed
steampunk concept by TylerEdlinArt
Absolutely jaw dropping landscape with so many details it blows my mind. A great concept! steampunk concept by TylerEdlinArt

Suggested by meiyue Featured by Shue13
Vanishing Point by Drawn-Mario
untitled 3 by milhua
untitled 3 by milhua is stunningly colored, beautifully detailed and intriguingly conveyed. Make sure to check the artist's gallery for more watercolor jewels! (Suggested by many)

Featured by Gwendolyn12
Hang On by Abedsims
Hang On by Abedsims

Suggested by Mrs-Durden Featured by 1pen
Dark Souls Pyromancy by SirTiefling
Dark Souls Pyromancy by SirTiefling is some very impressive mouse work.

Featured by Lyricanna
Luz by Flopa
Luz by Flopa Luz is a really enjoyable piece that combines fun animation and a cute story to create a nicely animated piece. The artist notes that this is their first 3D short film, and it is an impressive first. We look forward to seeing more from Flopa in the future!

Featured by TimberClipse
Wurzeln Schlagen by Miss-Belfry
Beautifully dark and organic! Let them take a hold, and they'll grow on you! Wurzeln Schlagen by Miss-Belfry

Featured by deshrubber
Skyrim Ebony Armor - cosplay photo No. 2 by Folkenstal
The suggester says, "A true master of recreating the weapons and armor seen in Skyrim with splendor and remarkable attention to detail. His work always looks as though it came straight out of the game."Skyrim Ebony Armor - cosplay photo No. 2 by Folkenstal

Suggested by lava-java Featured by pullingcandy
Everything is going to be OK by hellofromthemoon
Everything is going to be OK by hellofromthemoon is amazing traditional lettering, combining both layout and drawing skills, and don't forget the wonderful message.

Featured by pica-ae
I Can Hear You A Million Miles Away by Hannakin
Simply adorable! Hannakin's entire Gallery is filled with delicious colors and precious characters. I Can Hear You A Million Miles Away by Hannakin

Featured by Shyree
Thursday, April 17, 2014